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my 1st trip to italy-words & pic heavy

Big Shrek

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i have literally just got back from italy (about an hour ago) and i wanted to share my experience with you...............

i never really knew how poor italy was until this past week,it was to be honest.....a bit of a shock.i have always thought of italy as being very wealthy and rich all over,the big names like lamborghini,ferrari,gucci and armani etc etc filling your head with all things nice about the country but there is a dark side that i suppose doesnt get mentioned.

the transfer from the airport to sorrento took us through the bay of naples where i got my 1st view of the poor side to italy,cars dumped at the side of the road covered in moss hinting that they have been there a long long time and no council to remove them.abandoned warehouses on both sides of the road and shanty towns built wherever there was space,people living under tin huts with old refridgerators stacked up for walls........

its almost as though someone shouted STOP halfway through a working day,forklifts parked up in the open with products on them just rusting away,old concrete yards locked up with machinery left out to rust-no intention of being sold by the liquidators to regain some money,scrap metal yards just forgot about,rows and rows of scooters and cars just locked away never to be used again,crumbling apartment blocks still housing people but yet they looked fit for demolition...............very shocking to see really and it really shows that the economy is failing all over and not just in the uk

on monday we went to pompeii and it was very interesting to learn how those people lived back then and how much they suffered when vesuvius spilled its guts

on tuesday we hired a motor boat and went around capri and up and down the amalfi coast,very fun day with skipper shrek at the helm :)

we also went on the amalfi coast tour which was a very very good experience,we met some lovely people and we ate some great food over there,all in all we had a brilliant time and its been a big eye opener to me,nothing is as it seems these days

oh and i saw 1 subaru over there,one of the saloon versions-new type with the same front as the hatch,other than that it was a mixture of small euro boxes and audi's............yawn

all in all amongst the poor areas there is a very beautiful country full of some of the hardest working,proud and friendly people i have ever met

anyway enough of my silly slobber..........heres some pics








pompeii......hard to believe that all this was buried under 21ft of volcanic ash
















funny name for a cruise firm.........


a road i would love to spank the scooby around.....




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Not actually been to the Italian main land. I have been to Sardinia to watch the WRC a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed it. Would go again, but the WRC does seem to have lost its way

Sounds like a great holiday :)

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Some great pics there bud. Interesting read like you I never thought of Italy being a poor country at all. Disappointed no pic of the scooby you saw haha

we were on a coach at the time and i didnt have my camera set up ready :(

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Pffftt some excuse that haha. Sounds like a good trip tho mate :jig:

yeah it was good matey,i dont think many italians have seen somebody as big as me before and 1 waiter even called me a viking :)

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great honest write up big fella

used to drive Italy all the time few year back for tnt , got to see loads of stunning places , but yes there is some crap, every country has them , look at England we have Birmingham !!!!! lol yam alright!!!! Sardinia Croatia are nice mate just the other side of italy , great pics mate , and captain shrek lol are you gonna be a shrimp boat captain lol

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