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What a blast !

Scooby 17

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Deffo mate...:-)

I now know why nick drives like a loon all the time... This bloody thing seems to be on boost all the time... 2.5k and its outer here!!!!

What lag


Mivec makes them a lot better.

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you right nick, i cant believe theres none at all.... ridiculous.. just got to stop putting my foot down, i can see the £ signs every time i do..lol...

il take some pics at the weekend, the old gals a bit dirty at the minute....

thicko question coming up nick.. the button near the handbrake, which says AUTO or MANUAL.. is it on yours, i cant make out which is either. i take it flashing every now and again is manual, and on constantly is auto????

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Has it been duel mapped .

If i press that button it changes my maps.

No light is low map

Light flashing is a high powered map.

Best be ringing Gaz to ask him...lol

No wonder you think its going well

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Ha ha, update.

He forgot to tell me it's got 2 maps..lol... Good job I phoned up. So you can't really blame me for that one, although I've been looking for an intercooler bottle that isn't even there..

I really am a lost cause......

Must be same as you nick, if its flashing its warp speed, if its constant its warp speed...

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Well been out with mi lotus chaps earlier and had a play with the maps... Flashing is deffo fast, and the light constantly on is the economy map...

Glad you mentioned it nick, lol, I'd still be looking for that washer bottle....;-)

It feels good in the wet compared to the lotus. Oh 4wd how I've missed you....:-)

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