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The firm has finally decided that I'm owed 8 days holiday from when I was off work after the heart attack

So I'm blowing the money I've been saving for the last couple of years and am going to

Hawaii 2 weeks today.

Travelling is going to be a pain because there are no direct flights to Honolulu

Have to travel to LA (11.5 hours) wait 3 hours then onto Honolulu (5.5 hours)

Even longer on the way back as there is a wait of 13 hours in San Francisco before flying back to Heathrow

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Ohh fair play !! I would love to go , I won't say I hope you have a good time ??? As hey your going to Honolulu you know your gonna have a good time , get some good pics while ya there , stunning place !!! And remember no pissing in the pool

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Trust you. :laughing: I'll try and make sure I write the address down and see if I can get you a photo of one.

Don't think I'll be trying the challange myself though :crazy:

make sure you vivit the place featured on man vs food with the giant pancake challenge :)

Going to visit the volcano park on the 30th

Might see some flowing lava and I might not

Tis not guaranteed

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Thanks for looking at the photos and the response to the holiday.

Would I ever return to Hawaii and the answer would be

HELL yes

The only problem is the travelling itself.

No direct flights as Hawaii is only a nine hour flight from Australia.

Would need to break the holiday into 3 parts

1st part L.A. or San Fran

2nd part Hawaii

3rd part L.A. or San Fran again

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