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Well..finally decided to sell!!!!!


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Well after 2 and a half years of flipping burgers at the weekends I`v decided to hang up my apron and ditch the spattular.


Working 5 days a week painting then doing the weekends at the burger van has finally caught up with me (and the wife)

Plus it has ruined our social life. On a time scale I was proberly doing

Monday to Friday 7.00am till 4.30pm (painting)

Saturday 6.30am till 6.00pm (burger van)

Sunday 7.00am till 5.00pm(burger van)

Shopping nights -

Wendesday - 6.00pm till 7.00pm

Thursday - 5.30pm till 7.30pm

Friday - 5.30pm till 6.30pm

Plus 2 lots of bookwork and banking every friday

So when finally got time to relax we were falling alseep...in bed on a Saturday night at 9pm

This weekend is our final weekend then we hand over the keys to the new owner.

So my weekends are now going to consist of the following

Midland Scoobie Shows and Events

Cleaning & Driving the P1

Watching Forest win the Championship



Taking the wife out


Sorry to bore you...just needed to get that off my chest

Hope to see all at the shows

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All good then apart from No 3 as that won't happen :sheep:

Great to see you at the show and events as always my little Florest friend

Don't forget that milk crate :lol:

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Well good for you sounds like you have grafted your b******s of if you pardon the expresion and look forward to seeing you and your wife at events and meets here are you that littie man who stands on boxers to clean your car ?

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It served its purpose Paul,

Made ends meet when times were hard but your right, you sometimes have to decide that's enough were back on our feet. time to enjoy life again.

enjoy your time together . xxx

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I don't like to agree with Gaz, but Fishing....! !

Well done though Paul, not afraid of hard work, life's to short to be grafting 24 hours.

All the best.

See you down The City Ground.

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At the end of the day Paul, you did what you did to keep the family afloat...... and i greatly respect you for that!!!!

But working 7 days a week for 2 years, must have taken its toll on ya........

Atleast now, you can have a bit of you time, relaxing and enjoying yourself!!

Hopefully see you at a meet soon!!


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