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Just cleaned the car.


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Well, after , erm, erm, maybe 4 months <hangs head in shame> I've just washed the car today.

So pressure wash, snow foam, wash down, then bug and tar remover stuff to get gaffer tape residue off front of car from a track day in April, and another wash down, rinse, dry.

It's now clean enough to wash and get it clean, man it's still minging, and the paint feels like sand paper :(

On the plus side, the kitchen works are done, so I have the garage back, so it's tucked away again after spending the last 6-8 weeks on the drive.

So that does mean it can come out again tomorrow, weather permitting, and be attacked with the clay bar, which should hopefully remove some haze and roughness, before getting waxed, and the track wheels put on biggrin.gif ready for next weekend at Donington woohoo.gif

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Im unpackin to morrow fast as poss then gonna clean and sit in scobbie all day went in bmw good safe car but nothin like the scobbie :-):-)

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