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MF5445 & Discovery 4 remap next wed


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today ive organised my works tractor massey ferguson 5445 (100HP) and the boss is discovery 4 to be remapped by duncan (racedynamics).only trouble with these new cars now is you have to take the ecu outwhich is a pain but you can can still get round it though. now hes never had a chance before to work with a working horse of a machine (tractor)lol so he says its going to be a interesting task. because alse today i manage to get my boss to agree to have it done as now we've gone from a 10ton to a 12ton trailer, it takes abit more pulling. i only mention it to duncan as we was going to buy a chip box plugin for it and was abit werry of them anyway as you wont know wether there would be a problem when running a tractor with them plugged in.

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Yeah I had the disco 3 and it was a bag of Shyte got offered the 4 and thought I d try it the two are like day and night pulls so much better but the fuel consumption is still poor plus more power is always nice I ve been toying with the idea of a map or a DTUK box for a while so would be well interested in the results

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my boss had the 3 mapped aswel on a 2006 and it made a difference pluss i think it gave it an extra 3-4mpg on long motorway jouneys and it felt like near the power of a 4. but with flipping marshals in lincoln when the car went in for a service they used to plug it into the diagnostic machine just to check any fault codes and there machine would wipe the map off, so everytime it went in we used to say not to plug it into the machine.

it wont be done on the rolling road though, duncan has to take the ecu back home and he calls it bench flashing on a machine then he will bring it back and will do some data logging on the road.

O/S mapping and logging the data i think is always better than a chip box because then you know what the car is doing. i remember one farmer with a range rover with a chip box pluged in and 6 month later the engine blew so he unplugged it and rang marshals up and it was under warrenty and they couldnt understand why it had blow like that lol

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