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Been given 2 weeks to find a new place

the hamster

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I kinda knew this was on the cards but the timing is a nightmare for me.

2 months ago I had nearly 5k in the bank, everything here was good (I'm in a shared house with a mate) so I took on the classic project plus went to the ring for the weekend.

When I came back things went tits up here, my mate moved out which left me here on my own and its his mums house. She lives in Spain and he was supposed to rent it off her to pay the mortgage with me as a lodger to help with bills etc so when he bailed it left his mum up the creek.

She flew over this week and basically said she needs to rent the house out in the next 2-3 weeks under contract to pay the mortgage, or sell it, of which neither are an option for me so now I have to find somewhere fast.

Problem is, I've ploughed the best part of 3k into buying the car and getting it running etc so all my money is tied up in an unfinished car. I taxed it today, remap tomorrow, wheels being collected Saturday but it still needs work to be at the standard I'd like it.

Looked at maybe renting a small flat but with the rent, deposit, fees then furniture etc I'd be looking at needing 2k, and I dont have it, plus I'd need parking for 2 cars (Scoob and work car) so things aren't easy at the mo.

Not sure what to do, got a couple of possible options I'm looking at but time is ticking. If anyone wants a lodger in or around Melton/Grantham area let me know!!

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