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A quick pull

gwr northants

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The other weekend when I picked the Evo up , had it about 35 mins . Launched it from a set of lights and had some Donald Duck rozzer step out in the road with her hand in the air ! Asking how fast I was going lol , silly f Ing bint .. F Ing wanna be rozzers hey , should of mowed her down and drove off lol .

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Nice to see you giving the Evo boys a good name gaz....... lol

You have to remember they have to justify their wages some how........ after all you are paying for her out of your taxes!!

And why run her over...... you wouldnt want to damage the car!!!!

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Dam right nice car like that mind you weekend weather looking nice so you could of poured your self a beer or a large wine with vodka top and cleaned the silly twit of any way lol lol ha ha sorry just needed a laugh got a pantomine comein to day OH YES I HAVE OH NO YOU HAVENT lol lol may be one day i get my self a real job :-):-):-):-):-)

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