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Words fail me rip

Scooby 17

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shooting , noooooo mate too good for the scum, i was taken aback when i got in to britain yesterday and saw footage, ive never seen such a terrible thing in England , it was a mindless attack , and people like that have no part in any society , the twit in the volvo rigid , dont know what he was doing , i would of mowed the fookers down , the world has went mad , dont know where it will end tbh

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Amazing that no body came to help him or phone for help, but managed to get there phones out to film it all and leave it to a single woman to approach these scumbags.

And another thing to tell soldiers not to wear there uniforms out side the barracks made my blood boil!!! They should be aloud to wear that uniform with PRIDE

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I couldn't believe what I was seeing...I don't buy into that being for religious beliefs etc etc. that's just plain cowardly murder....

Rob, watching the EDL last night, they have no place in this country or society. Racist morons in my eyes. Not all blacks, browns or foreigners are terrorists.. And not all followers of Islam are terrorists... It is the mindless brainwashed extremists. They need to be dealt with and sent anywhere but here....personally I don't think we can stop these extremists, by trying to stop it we will just make it worse. It needs to be done by law abiding Islamists. It's all very well and good them saying they condone such violence, but they need to start doing something about it...

The sooner we can just deport who we want without interference the better....what makes me even more angry is most of these morons were born in is country... What the fook are we supposed to do with them.....:-(

A sad day whatever view you take.... RIP soldier....

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