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end of an era


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Hi folks well after near enough ten years of scooby ownership ive finally bit the bullet and sold the scoob.Bought myself an astra sri cdti 150 xpack poke with smoke lol. ITs been a heck of a past few years and i just havent been able to enoy the car as i used to anyway so it was the most sensible thing to sell and move on .who knows i may get back in a scoob some day. ive had some great times met some great people whilst being a member here some are long gone now some are still here and are part of the fixtures and fittings. anyway less of my chatter if you see a black 06 plate astra flashing you thatll be me i cant kick the habit. if anyones intrested ive aquired some scooby bits that need to be sold aswell including bugeye sti scoop bugeye sti interoir 202 wrx ecu low levi bug spoiler standard back box bug eye fog lights and a set of brembos with drilled and grooved dics and pads and many other bits aswell give me a pm or call 07546984092 not putting any prices on here cause it wasnt supposed to be a forsale ad and hopefully the mods wont delete it.

Any how take care folks ill keep popping my head round the door and may even get to a meet now the weathers getting better see ya

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Hey up lurch....

still remember seeing you at my first meet, and thinking "F**king hell he's tall"........ lol

Its a sad day when you let them go, but needs must buddy!!!

I do miss my old motor, as i'm sure you'll miss yours........ but you have no fear in never being forgotten.... lol

i went along to a meet in mine the other month, saw some of the old faces, and got plenty of stick for the VXR.

Take it easy, and if i ever see an astra racing off the lights....... i'll give you a wave!! :hrhr:

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Well said gurn, I had the same sentiment.

You were the first person I met at a meet following you to larch farm. If it wasn't for you, doubt I would of stayed!

All the best and don't be a stranger.

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As above,

All the best Greg for the future, we go back a long time and always a pleasure talking to you.

Look after yourself and your family Greg, and hope to see you sometime in the future.


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As above ,,,,,, you was the first person to speek to me at my first meet ......

and like wise . looks like this lot are stuck with me . well for a while ......

good luck in the future ....... and pop along .........:)

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thankyou all for your kind words thinking of some of the shows weve been to brings back some great memories mcrae gathering ,the trip to sign the book of rememberence for colin mcrae at prodrive the richard burns gathering at prodrive. skeggy run with ady driving like a loon , the trip to staff scoobies charity day ,easter egg run all great times .after a trip to matlock this afternoon i sure anm missing the scoob already, mind you im loving 48.3 to gallon there is an upside lol

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