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Had a great time today at Marham


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Had a great time today, with Gaz, Matt and Ian.
A few things....

mareham - lots of stones, so make sure you turn up with a fresh roll of gaffer tape, or leading edge tape or both, or hope Stealth has brought some and blag some of that :D

Having just stuck the track wheels on with the 4 cheap tyres:
Tyres are mostly dead now, well the fronts. The backs haven't changed, the fronts have gone from having 6mm to having about 3mm at best. Backs started with 3mm and finished about the same, although they have less of an outside edge now.....

To be fair, these are standard road tyres and are very cheap, and every one was different. But with the exception of one tank slapper moment, it resolutely understeered the whole time. By varying amounts, sometimes not much, sometimes loads, and the amount being trimmed by the throttle, however, it was a bit annoying.

So next purchase was to be track tyres for the track wheels to help with the handling, and prior to that it was to be the remap, however it may now have to be new brakes, given the crunching noises coming from the front left now biggrin.gif so looks like I'll be giving Godspeed a call this week biggrin.gif

On the positive side though, I passed way more cars than passed me, but no suprises I couldn't keep up with the V10 M5, or Matt's 430BHP Blob eye. But made mincemeat of every TVR there including a Sagaris, which I simply breezed past up the main straight (which was a suprise considering my lowly 266BHP and fridge like aerodynamics).

There was also a red Astra VXR that could just creep by me at +140mph towards the end of the main straight, over which I was repeatedly seeing +150mph indicated on the speedo biggrin.gif before braking hard for the bend. Although brakes, having nly just had new fluid, stood up to the pounding much much better than they did at Dinnington at Japfest 2 last year.

Lots of people told me how nice my car sounded, which was nice biggrin.gif and then on the way home it was virtually silent with a quiet understated burble biggrin.gif i think I've found my required exhaust setup. Just need brakes, tyres, and F+R Whiteline ARB kits now :D:lol:
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Yes was a cracking day. And a good few people did comment on how nice your car was and good too see something different .was amazed at how good those track wheels are . you got a.bargain with them. Was also told raf marham are trying to increase this event from 2 to 4 a year. So keep your eyes on the marham web site for any one who fancys it. Top week end though. Right laugh.

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Sounds like you had a good un... The weather was perfect...

I can never understand why folks put crap tyres on a performance car....I bet when you put some decent rubber on scratch, the difference will be night and day....

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Agree with all said cracking weekend but now suffering with sunburn to the scalp!

I did offer you some suncream you muppet, it was mans suncream, so no need to feel girly using it :)

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