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Which to buy scooby or evo help please


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Hi I am looking at buying either a scooby or a evo I am looking at around a 2003 plate scooby or a evo 6 just wondering on mpg on the subaru I do around 120 to 200 miles a week most of it around town going to work and back and just wondering on reliability and help be appreciated thanks

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Go ask on an Evo forum, you will get the same replies but the other way round.

For me it would need a very special scooby to make me change.

Best thing to do is drive both and make up your own mind.

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Lets start again

Which are you thinking ? 2003 WRX, UK Sti, JDM Sti ?

Are you looking at a standard car or a modified car ?

Have you seen any cars that you like that you can post a link to for us to look at ?

I'm not an Evo expert but I am sure there are different version of Evo 6 as well, so i would have thought the same applies

Mpg around town will be poor in both, so if you are looking for economy then buy a diesel

How reliable the car will be is generally how's it's been looked after during its life and how hard it's been driven. That goes for any car

For the money you are looking to spend you are just about in the MY 05 Blob Sti range, which is the best of the bunch ie widetrack, DCCD-A, Hawk interior but expect to pay more for an absolute minter, or an MY 03/04 will be less

As for the Evo 6, Jase has replied and I would think Nick has more knowledge on Evos than most on here although Rob5 has also had Evos

Hope that helps, but do post up links to cars you have seen for sale


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Hi I'm looking to spend around 6500 to 7000 thanks for the replies just wondered which on be more suited has it will be my every day car thanks

On that budget you will get

A very well speced 5

A decent 6

A 7 that will cost as much to put right.

You will see cars cheaper but they will be money pits.

Best place to look for an Evo is the MLR, or if you see one you like put a link on, and ask if anyone kbows the car.

Another thing to look at Scooby spares seem much cheaper.

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ive had both cars and i found there is not much between the two as far as running costs are concerned,

id say £200 miles a week is going to be £75ish in fuel.

both good cars but the sti imprezas are stronger if you up the power.

the main problem you will find with evos is rust, they were not very well undersealed on the early cars and also on the later evos the anti yaw pump is a common fault and pretty expensive to repair.

the 5 speed box in the evo is a pain on the motorway too, the 6 speed sti box is far better suited to our roads.

the evo is still a great car though and dont believe anyone who is blinkered enough to tell you otherwise.

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as a Subaru specialist we see 99% scoobs, however we do Map and service the odd evo and a few years ago I bought one. :crazysmile:

I loved it, bright yellow, quick and extremely sweet, it tuned easily up to 375 BHP and was fun, however I found it to lack personality and feel, no feedback at all and got bored with it very quickly, I jumped back in a scoob and felt instantly at home, loads of character, plenty feedback and no silly computers activating Yaw control, or yawn control as it became known. :winkin:

My PERSONAL feelings were you sit on an EVO, you sit in a scoob, and there is nothing like that Subaru burble. :thumb:

Economy wise they are similar, servicing wise the EVO is far more expensive. :winkin:

We have plenty of nice Scoobs for sale all with warranty and fully serviced with cam belts done.

As said above get a test drive in both manufacturers cars and make up your own mind. :thumb:



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Ive had friends with some sweet evo.s one bought an fq400 brand new . Remember the day he bought it. Huge grin on his face. He has had evo.s for years.and is a 100 percent evo fan. But he was surprised when over a pint we discussed servicing costs .runni.g costs etc. as the scoob wins hands down in most cases. I like evo.s and have a couple of times come close to buying one. But has been said if economy is on ya mind buy niether. Get an audi a4 tdi lol. Either way both got good points . Both have bad.

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