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Leaving it all behind


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Hi all, how's England & it's crappy weather?

I'm in Sousse, Tunisia for 7 nights of warmth :-)

Wether is just right for me as I burn easy, shorts & tshirt in the day & if you want to sit out at night then just put a top on.

Bit of a shock going from a snowy M42 with 1 lane open to 20+ degrees in 4 hours

Think the father in law liked the impreza & how capable it is with 4 people & luggage is even in the snow!

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2nd time in Tunisia for me & must say this hotel is pretty damn good.

Not as much to do for the kids at this one, but now the daughter just wants to enjoy the weather & get a tan!!! It's all good

Can't get up for a drink before they offer you one :-)

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Can't get up for a drink before they offer you one :-)

Blimey........ is someone following you round 24/7 then MrP????

we all know you like your pop........ lol :hrhr:

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