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Newb from derbyshire

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Hey guys and gals

new guy from ilkeston. I just broke into the scoobie world after the other half requesting an AWD and i wanted something better than a zafira so here I am on the road towards a finely tuned car. Just brought......(in the process) of buying a 07 hawkeye WRX. I really dont know everything about anything when it comes to scoobies but i have just been trawling ebay e.t.c and picked up what i know about the cars so any info on the hawkeye model in pertic i.e what is it called slang....or proper lol. Im struggling to search for parts e.t.c. as i dont even know what gen it is other than newage just know its a wrx...2.5 turbo its all standard as far as i can tell no atmospheric dump valve e.t.c.

all info and welcoming would be great and welcoming lol


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Hi Welcome to MS

Well you have come to the right place for information on your car and where to get parts.

There are a number of quality specialists that sponsors the site and are an active part of the forum, so you wont go far wrong

Also there are meets, events, open days, track days etc, so something for everyone :thumb:



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Wellcome turbotink i ant got no advise but a mines a large and do love load blue scobbies tell me what coulor yours lol

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welcome along matey,im not sure but i think the 2.5 engines are the weaker engines and you will be better off with a 2.0 sti engine-i may be wrong,think they suffer from pick up pipe failure and ringland failure

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Hey up tink hope ya good. The world is your oyster?? Or should that be sandwich ?? . A lot depends on what u want with the car. Yes big shrek is right . The 2.0 sti block is stronger. But if ya not after silly power . Just say a good healthy 300 . The 2.5 is more than up to the job. A lot better on torque. Good drivabilty. Loads of simple mods u can do to make the car quicker . Etc etc. hope u enjoy ya scooby . Get yaself to a meet if ya lucky steve n scatty will spit roadt ya lol pmsl

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