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mallory park in trouble


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Makes my p**s boil...

You know there's a fook in track there... It's like buying a house on a golf course and moaning about balls coming in your garden...

Fook in do gooders, daily mail reading cunnts.....such a shame. Play the noise card and every health and safety numpty will come running for miles....

And breath!!!!!

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spent alot of time at mallory ( racing and marshaling ) was there when thay had F1 there in the early 70s, Love the place. shame if it does close hope not though..

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Mallory Park - The following has been sent to all "Friends of Mallory"

This mail is to bring you up to date on all activity related
to the noise issues at Mallory Park/Kirkby Mallory and ask for your action if
you value the continued operation of the circuit. I will keep this as brief and
to the point as possible - although there is a lot to go through.

1: A
small group of Friends and circuit management met on 13th December after an open
invite (six attendees in total). The discussion was wide ranging and included
the agreement Mallory came to with Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council on 2013
operation in November that was then subsequently rejected by the Liaison Group
on behalf of the residents. The Council then refused to implement the November
agreement as it did not have the support of the Liaison Group.

It is our
understanding that this proposal was not put to the Kirkby Mallory residents en
masse by the Liaison Group.

The abridged highlights of the November 2012
proposed agreement with the Council are:
The cessation of all motocross
Agreement to spend £100,000+ on the erection of minimum of 130m of
acoustic fencing to reduce noise at various points on the circuit - subject to
planning permission
Installation of noise monitoring systems to be put in
Agreement to limit use of the Hairpin section of track on quiet
10 x 2-day weekend events allowed per year
18 Saturdays per year at
98dba, no more than two of these per calendar month
40 race days per
Saturday/Sunday quiet day agreed to 45-55dba
Weekday use - 3 per
week, subject to ACU 105db and MSA 108dba levels
Two quiet weekdays per week
agreed at 45-55dba
Special events e.g. Festival of 1000 Bikes require noise
management plan to be approved and 2 compensatory No Use days the weekend
following or preceding
An annual calendar of events to be agreed with HBBC
and published on its website.
5-year review of new agreement or when
requested by HBBC or Mallory Park.
Mallory Park's interpretation of this is
that a max usage per year by the circuit of 217 days, but due to the noted
restraints and seasonality of the circuit activity, expectations are at
approximately 160-days use per year - all with new noise reduction measures
implemented (Background is that the circuit has been operating for 28-years
since the 1985 agreement with anywhere between 160-220 days used per year at
98dba noise level or above). This November 2012 proposed agreement represents a
20% reduction on activity with increased noise control/reduction measures on
recent activity.

Mallory Park is currently operating to this November
2012 agreement for 2013 and this is our favoured way forward if possible as it
is financially viable.

2: Following the Council's decision not to
implement the November 2012 proposed agreement, Mallory Park then spoke directly
to Garry Ball and the Liaison Group with the aim of coming to an agreement
together with the residents and then presenting a untied front to the

We met at Garry's home on 23rd January and in Mallory Park's
interpretation the discussion was generally positive and there appeared to be a
willingness to negotiate and come to an agreed way forward.

After this a
number of communications went back and forth from both sides suggesting possible
compromise operational levels. The basics of this discussion were:
Liaison Group offered guidance advice on what it thought would be acceptable and
would recommend or put to residents
After further clarification of the 1985
agreement and note of hard attitudes in the village, Garry advised that the
responsibility to act now lies with the Council. Mallory agrees the Council is
key to moving forward with a negotiated solution
The abridged details (in
Mallory's opinion) of discussions with Garry and the Liaison Committee
Mallory requested a special permit for the Festival of 1000 Bikes
to be un-silenced due to the nature of older machines. There appeared to be
willingness to negotiate to come to a solution here
Mallory suggested No Use
days be re-classified as Non Motorsport and a DB level applied at 65db (normal
road silenced car is rated at 80db). Garry indicated if residents cannot hear
the activity then no problem
Garry had proposed an equal number of noisy/no
use weekend days per four-week cycle. Effectively out of 16 days, 8 for use and
8 non use. Mallory requested this to change to 12 days use out of every 16 with
an emphasis on the summer months due to seasonality. Garry then suggested 26x
2-day weekend usage as a compromise. Mallory Park is broadly agreeable to
Liaison Group has no issue with Wednesday test days
Despite running
at ACU/MSA noise levels for three weekdays for the last 28-years, the Council
has now interpreted that noise levels must be 45db-55db. This is a significant
change from previous understanding and the Liaison Group is supporting this
interpretation. If applied, this is a significant threat to the operation of the
Mallory requested the Windmill Field be used for a grass track
demonstration during the Festival of 1000 Bikes and the rest of the year it
would be for parking and camping only. Garry asked if Mallory could use the old
moto cross track instead. This could not work as not flat enough to allow grass
track riding
A full published calendar was agreed
No drifting at all at
the circuit was agreed
Garry requires any new agreement to be enforced in
law. Mallory is agreeable to this.
It is Mallory's opinion that the above
discussions were productive but the onus for agreement has now moved to the
Council rather than with the Liaison Group. It is residents' influence on the
Council that will assist with further negotiations and solutions.

3: The
Council has now served legal proceedings against Mallory Park for five breeches
of the 1985 agreement from 2012. It has also indicated that mid-week the circuit
can only operate on a Wednesday at noisy levels. It will enforce all positions
from 1st April 2013.

4: Jason Newbury from the Parish Council met with
John Ward and myself on 18th February to try and determine Mallory Park's side
of the story. We agreed to share what we could with him so that the Parish
Council could display a balanced view.

5: On the same evening a letter
from the Liaison Group was distributed to the village, provoking a vocal
response from pro-circuit residents.

6: Moving forward

BARC is now
taking legal advice on the court summons by the Council. I can say nothing more
at this time as this is a very complex area of law.

It is clear that the
Council has heard little support from residents supporting the continued
operation of the circuit.

The circuit remains committed to working with
residents and the Council in an attempt to remain financially viable and
operational. It is prepared to negotiate as required so that all parties can
move forward with confidence.


If you wish the circuit to continue operating, then please write to Steve
Atkinson at Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council. He needs to know that there
are residents that support the circuit. To help structure your communication to
him, please consider the following discussion points.

B: Would you be
agreeable to the operational levels mentioned in point 1 above? If yes, please
tell him so.

C: If you are not agreeable to the above point 1 would you
be supportive to a cessation of HBBC legal action and a short time-frame of
negotiations to take place with a view to reaching a compromise solution that
will allow the circuit to continue operating?

D: We request that you
speak with your neighbours and ask them to write to the Council as well, based
on the above A-C points.

The address to direct all correspondence



Council Offices
LE10 1BZ

If possible, so we can
gauge residents' opinion, please copy your mails to Mallory Park at jmpr35@gmail.com.

I am
available at any time to discuss the above or any other circuit based issue. I
do hope that you can spare the time to write to Steve Atkinson and greatly
appreciate your efforts to support the circuit. Mallory Park needs all the
friends it can get in the village right now.

Thanks and hopefully speak

Jason McClean

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