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or emotions what ever they are called

i click on the ones at the bottom of the reply box & they work, but what about when i open up the show more?

tried clicking on them & it didn't work, do I have to copy & paste?

it's bloody hard work

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Chris just so i understand if you click on the show all you get a new box that opens left hand side of screen if you then click on an emoticon your syaing it doesn't show on the post.

If the above is correct then i can't get the forum to replicate this issue it works fine for me is this on your phone ipad android or pc / laptop.


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Chris i'm really sorry but i can't get this to replicate on a my work laptop thats running windows 7 with standard ie its also not listed as a known fault with Invision so unfortunately I can only assume its a setting on your pc that is stopping the addition rather than a forum fault.

Appologisies i can't be more helpfull with this one if you scroll the emoticons along the bottom can you then add them.

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Are you see now we're a victim of our own generosity the new forum layout has a standard 20 emoticons set and this would usually be fine as they would sit under your reply and you could select them as and when you required. However as I have added a much larger selection it means the new window is required.

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right, lets try this

click the 1st lot of smileys - all good

choose what one i want & press it :ice: - all ok so far

dont' see any suitable so press Show All

new box/window thing comes up

try pressing either the picture or the text next to it - nothing

try copy shortcut http://midlandscoobies.invisionzone.com/index.php?s=a2301e7c822196a82cf33fa59c12d8ee&&app=forums&module=extras&section=legends

see what happens

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