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The pear story....... for those with kids!!


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The Pear Story – A 2 years olds perspective.

Earlier today I demanded that my mother stop what she was doing and immediately get me a pear.

She is by nature a difficult woman and she insisted on finishing her wee and washing her hands first . I explained loudly that this was unacceptable but, typically for her, my protestations only made her more stubborn.

Then she moved the goalposts and decided that I could only have my pear if I said "please" (actually I worry about her in this respect - she is utterly obsessed with that word, it's not normal) so I stormed around the house for 25 minutes or so and then eventually gave in and said please (so now she'll think if she holds out long enough I'll end up saying "please" every time - made a rod for my own back there ).

Anyway, she asked me if I wanted the pear to be cut up or whole. I replied "cutted up" and the utter arse of a woman cut up my pear!! I was speechless with rage! Obviously, words were not enough to express my fury so I threw the cutted up pear across the kitchen and kicked her in the shins.

I think she genuinely thinks I am a child and it's causing me to doubt myself. What do you think?

Oh, and then I weed in my shorts because I was still cross. That'll learn her!!!

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The missus came across this story last night on a forum called 'mumsnet'....

there were a few like it.....

just made me smile, as its just like Olly..... and those that have kids will know exactly what i mean...

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