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holiday to the states

Big Shrek

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ive decided i want to go to the states this year but as i have never been i need some advice.

we (me and her) would like to go around october time-whats the weather generally like around that time?

2 places we want to visit is carlos bakery in hoboken and the statue of liberty.which are the area's to avoid and which are nice areas?

i havent been abroad since 2000 so im a bit out of touch with it all,is it better to book online or just go to my local travel agents?

we would ideally like to keep the entire cost including spending dosh to around £3.5k but could stretch to £4k if needed

need as much info/advice as possible please

cheers alot


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wont allow me in fella !!!! they allow people to go around shooting kids and blowing up town halls , but because ive slapped a few people with me fists oh no undesirable , fookin load a s**t !!!! i only wanted to go to disney land to fooooook minnie lol , so sorry mate cant help ya !!!!

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