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On TV tonight.


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Great program on McRae.

He really was always flat out !!!! I don't think we will ever see someone like that again....... Sadly.

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I'll probably get shafted at the next meet but I really don't see him as being a legend? A great driver that had some bad luck and made some bad decision yes, but legend? hmm... Never understood the hype around him.

The only real thing he achieved was the win in 1993.

After that all he was famous for was crashing because of his inability to control his emotions and right foot. Yes I realise it was entertaining to watch and brought attention to the sport, bit like how Lewis Hamilton is like in F1 atm, but Colins hot head, reckless attitude and lack of thinking cost him is own life, that of his sons, and destroyed the families of the other innocent people to die in the helicopter accident.

Hardly something to be proud of or idolised over in my opinion.

A real talented driver would learn from his mistakes/crashes and become better, know when to show off, when to draw the line and not take unnecessary risks.

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Ian I will buy u a.fookin pint next time I.see ya. Been saying this for a few years im a big rb fan . Think he was a better driver and have said as much a.few times. Cm yes top driver. But many out there who was better or on par. And yes he was a bit reckless at times. R I p to the man . Great yes legend . Hmmm open to discussion I think

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