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Nice.....I always thought car transporters had to be twin axle ?

I keep thinking about buying a trailer rather than hiring...but not got anywhere safe to keep it.

You got a fair journey to pick it up !

No mate.....single or twin

It depends where I'm picking it up from ;-)

Would go for a twin wheel if i ever bought one.

A blow out and that's it, at least with two you have a chance,.

If you have a blow out on twin axle you've still got to pull over and change the wheel.....that's what I'll do!!!

Trailered my speedboat with single axle no probs

I figure If all trailer blow outs were total loss then they would all be twin axle and that would take a hell of a lot of trailers and most caravans off the road!!!

Hmmmmm caravans off the road now that's a thought!!!!

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I remember that sir grey head your face was a picture when we pulled up behind you...

Lucky it had 4 wheels as I remember a second wheel decided to vacate the trailer aswell :)

Think someone over tightened the barring nuts?

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Wheel overtook me of my trailer! Car was ok though. Looks a good buy. It's storing the things that can be a pain in the arse.

I measured it mate......it fits down the side of yours still ;-)

The reason I wanted a lighter weight trailer is this can double up as a trailer for our motorbikes and be easily towed by the campervan into France!!!!

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Yeah.......new where your coming from but this suits requirements for more than just track car

Good maintenance of trailer is what's needed......and what it will get

A front blow out in an Evo/Subaru at speeds above a ton is not something I would like either.......doesn't stop us though does it? ;-)))

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Nice buy Ady.....What you gonna use to pull it??

Been looking at some myself...they seem to fetch around £500...would you think thats a fair price?

I think 500 is a little cheap mate tbh........you can deffo get them for that but the condition varies

This ones 'like new' and previous owner knows a thing or too about maintaining things ;-)

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