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New Sponsor - Pole Position

MS Board Admin

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You will struggle to get a better service fullstop....

Advise, price and shipping times fro matty and his team at pole position is top dollar.

Glad they are on board....


yeah agree.they are top chaps

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What do they do? Would help if admin gave a brief description of services on offer when posting new sponsors details as it seems the sponsors themselves are not.

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Thanks for the feedback Ady

There is a a short description under their banner in the sponsor section describing their services provided. They are a small garage proving all things Subaru from servicing, parts supply, general maintenance and tuning services ie rebuilds, modififications etc. I know that a few members already use them on the site . For example Fuds engine work :)

Sha and Matty are both enthusiasts themselves and are keen to be involved in the club,meets, events etc



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