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Price on a dog pls Aidy, mates rates..lol

Don't take it wrong way Nick but will deffo give you fist dibs but no price sorted yet

It's one step at a time......priority was looking after bitch and preparing for pups.....next getting through next few days keeping mum and pups healthy

Then I will let you come have a look

Google Danti Akitas and Stecal Akitas to get an idea of the bloodline and quality of the pups

If I remember you have a dog?.....if so I would only release a bitch if that's the case

Your top of the queue mate :-)

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God thay look lovely wish we could have one yes i think alfie would like that lol VERY LOVELY

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Yes i think she will be a fair bit larger than the other one.

Called her blaze in the end, was contemplating calling her Storm.

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