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Joining as an adult-chesterfield area

Sti Sam

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Hi all, after attending MS meets as a 14 year old back in 2004 with my father I caught the bug at a young age and now 9 years later I have just purchased my first scooby (yesterday) a 2004 Sti type uk. Looking forward to meeting up with you all when possible as I serve in the Royal Navy. Just hoping for some dry weather so I can get a proper feel for the car I have wanted from a young age.

Hope to seeyou all very soon,


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How do sam . Fair play mate. My son went his first meet at 8 he love.s scoobs and wants to join the navy . Car looks good fella . Were are you based . He wants to be a chef. Gordon ramsey has f all on him lol . Hope ya good fella

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Thanks for the welcome messages. I am an aircraft engineer so more land based, I was working with the RAF on the Harriers until the government had their way with budget cuts, now a little slower paced working on helicopters down in Yeovil, Somerset.

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Well come sti Sam well you should be proud its looks to dye for and why because its BLUE dam good taste there Mr very nice get yourself to Feb meet blue is the colour lol i don't have a scobbie now but i do have my Jordan pink bike withflashing disco lights and music speakers with i play my Chris brown on LOAD lol Im sure you'll enjoy ms bye

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