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I'm lucky this time,

i'm off this week

Usually a tanker comes into the loading bay and puts a :horse: :horse: load of snow onto the weighbridge when loading,

muggings here is usually the one on shift and has to shovel all the snow off the weighbridge each time.

gets a real pain in the a**e after the 5th tanker and i usually end up loading 10

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I was fooked...

Couldn't get car off the drive. And those who have been to ours, I wouldn't exactly call it a hill, maybe a gentle slope. I've never heard or seen this wheel spin thing before. Makes you appreciate the scoob that's for sure.,.,

Got a packed bus into BEESTON which was basically at a standstill and got off and walked the last mile.

This countries s**t!!!!!

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The main road through our estate was pretty bad. Ive heard that the snow ploughs cant come up to clear it because of the speed humps that are all the way down it. Don't know if that's true or not, but it was quite bad, but I got up

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