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well I'm pissed off like Nick


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Nooooo !!!!! Is that going through kegworth!!!!

Folks are either going too slow or too fast. I'm catching the bus Monday, too many liabilities about.

Hope it's not too bad.... Find her and burn her house down!!!!

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Nearly had some rear end the 911 yesterday driving home. Guy in a van driving too close. Using the KA today :)

Hope all gets sorted soon and the damage isn't too bad Ady

Muppets out there at the moment

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They are only taught to pass a test ady..... not to drive!!

My sister in law is the same...... she has no road awareness, and drives way too fast...... but you cant tell her!!

Hope it aint too much damage and that its an easy fix!! main thin is Bobs ok!!!!!!!

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Car being picked up Friday

Around 2 weeks to repair grrrrrrrr

2 weeks............. what the fecks he doing to it?????????????

He's not accidentally dropping an R8 engine in there too is he??

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