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Hamsters new chariot

the hamster

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Evening all, long time no post. As some of you may know my Type R is no more and after much hassle with the insurance company they finally paid out an agreed settlement.

I couldnt decide what to go for as a replacement but then my dad sprung it on my that he was retiring and moving to Cornwall this year so I decided to go for something more sensible but sporty. Its a 600 mile round trip to my dads new place, plus a Ring trip is on the cards but I wanted something I could still tinker with, uprate/modify etc.

She's a 2001 BMW 330D M Sport. I couldnt afford a coupe 330d but may look to change to one when funds allow.

Great car, couple of owners, full history, all the toys, cruise, leather etc and I've just had it remapped at SP Tuning in Hinkley. Its no Impreza, but 440lb/ft of Torque and 220+ bhp still makes it a lively drive and RWD makes it a lot of fun if you accidently take off the DSC! Midrange power is brutal, 70-100 disappears. Just got 600 miles out of my 1st tank @ 49.7 mpg, gutted lol

Its not mint, needs a repair doing on the rear arch and the remap exposed a weak clutch which i've just had done but apart from that i'm very happy with it. Paid £2300, bought from a pensioner with a stack of history etc. What do you think?




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Lol, yes mate, especially when travelling down the special BMW and Audi lane of the motorway. The main beam works too!

I'm not a typical beemer driver as I dont have a gold tie and pin stripe suit, this is just my toy and gets treated that way. It might have been a repmobile once, but not any more.

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Lets face it, it makes absolute sense!

The Subaru 'enthusiasts' will no doubt knock it, as seems to be the case with many Non BMW forum members! (dare say most will never have owned one!!) but it is arguably the best car in its class (and has been for some years) OK, i will admit i have had quite a few BMW's, probably around 25 in total and the E46 with the right engine under the hood is a very accomplished car.

May it serve you well :D

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Thanks mate, but it does bug me that I couldnt afford a coupe and when I see one on the road I want one even more. Really looking forward to getting it on the track to see what its like, the M Sport package on it means I think it will cope ok. Already making my way towards a new set of 255/35/18 rear tyres!

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Thanks guys. One thing I will say is that its nice to be able to park it and not crap myself that some scrote is going to put a key down the side or worse. I think its a nice blend of class and sportyness, and is more than capable of 700nm of torque with the right mods :)

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good cars ive got the 330 coupe with all the bits on in black cannot fault it as you said nice to be able to park up and not worry fuel from any where , and comfort cheaper to run os all in all a good buy

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