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hi guys and gals i really need some help

as most of you are aware our scoob is just a tad f**ked at the minute

and it is non drivable not legal and no enginge so the long and short of it why i'm asking out for the owd' olive branch is

within the next couple of months we are moving house and as you can probably guess the car repair is lowest priorty on the list because the simple fact is the money we do have spare is all going into a savers account as it will pay towards either me hiring a 7.5t or two or even a class 2 wagon on hire with someone willing to drive it or the main option we are looking at is paying a removal firm for a class 2 and 2/3 lads to do all the hard graft for us but not decided as yet but as i say it is going to be happening somtime over the next few wks/2 months !?

so the help i am after niegh begging for is if a fellow ms member has got a space for storing the scoob and i know this is going to sound fussy/ungrateful but i only want to store it somewhere secure and undercover ie a lean too etc because some of you may know its just about the rarest scoob made and worth a fair owd' bit of money but better still a garage but not a lock up as i have use of them just down the road here and i will not put it in a random lock up away from houses

whats the reason for undercover you may ask as most of you may know it has bin sat on our driveway without protection from the elements for 9 months but this is the exact reason why i now want to put it undercover because as soon as we have moved i am getting my s**t together and getting it back on the road asap but in the mean time i would like to give it time to dry out and get rid of the fustiness so by the time the engine is back in and ready it wont take much to sort the rest of the car out i will consider any offers but due to past experience i will not put it in a garage that has paint tins and other heavy objects upon shelving around it as bin there done that never again so if any fellow ms members have any olive branches going spare i may just grab it and ofcourse i am willing to pay some sort of rent beit money alcahol favours etc etc prefereably it would be better in the derbyshire/notts area approx within 20 miles or so of derby as i will have to pay a friend of a friend to load it onto a flatbed and transport it for me

and to finish off please nobody mention this on our fb page or directly to me on fb as to many prying eyes/family that we do not want knowing about us moving house

so thanks guys n gals i just hope somebody outhere can help otherwise the only option left will be one of those brightly painted self storage warehouse thingys which really aren't that cheap

and sorry if this is in the wrong place on the forum as i wasn't sure where to post it so move it if needs be cheers

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ok just to update has anyone got enough driveway/land space where i could put the scoob as i will just get a huuuuuuuge tarp to put over it i just need somewhere soon

thanks again

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yes they have several on our estate but they are not monitored etc and even if i put 10 padlocks on i dont think i would sleep knowing my pride and joy was in there

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