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Hi guys, ive just bought a 2006 Impreza WRX Does anybody know this car?


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Hi. Ive just bought this 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX "Hawkeye".

It was bought from a car dealers in oldham and it has some bits done to it and so was hoping to find out abit more info about the car. It has a Midland scoobies Tax disc holder in the window so i assume he or she was a member on here.

Heres the car:



If anyone has any info on it or knows whos it was that'd be great.

Great site by the way. I'm from Manchester. I'll be using this site and scoobynet allot i think :)

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Welcome along dan . Do you like pies ! Pukka meat ones are nice . With.gravy lol

Very nice looking car . Surprised marv steve or me dont recognise it ? And you need an sti interior . Make a world of difference . Do like the hawk eyes look great !!

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dont see those wheels on alot of scooobs..... could have been someone that joined, but didnt take part alot as that happens!!

And ignore GWR........ he aint 19 at all......... he has a mental age of 5..... but in a 40yr olds body!!!

HAHA...... ya love it really gaz!!

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Ady I wil tell ya.all about.ya car ? Its a bitch . U will love it. What more ya.need to know lol

Subtle as a sledge hammer......... as always.... lol. :hrhr: :hrhr:

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