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mrs shrek in a crash tonight-need new car

Big Shrek

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my mrs got shunted from behind tonight (ooo-er) and i have spoken to the insurance and its gonna be a write off,car was an 03 fiesta 1.4,we are expecting around £1500 ish back from the payout and have around £750 cash to put towards another car so around £2250

what can i get

it needs to be


cheap to insure

cheap to tax

cheap to run as she does stop-start all day every day as she is a home help carer sometimes she does 50 miles a day just stop/starting from different address's

must be reliable as she depends on it for work

must not be french

was thinking about a diesel but never had one,are they that much better on fuel?

was thinking





any ideas?

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Just sold my partners Mazda 3. Brill car. Had it 4 yrs never missed a beat. If it ain't Jap it's crap.

what cc was it pal? yeah im tempted to go jap,summat like a civic would do

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Hope your good lady is ok?

Plenty of cars available out there but if you're anything like us they always seems to come up when you don't need one and when you do there's nothing going! Diesel cars will invariably give you back much better mpg but diesel itself is more expensive to buy and generally diesel cars cost more to buy so it's a balancing act - good luck with the search ;)

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Sorry to here about the mrs hope she's ok, Takes a couple of days for the shock to hit you, similar thing happened to me a few years ago, thought I was fine but ended up in hospital couple days later with a broken vertibre in my back, As for car got a mate who's selling his mrs fiesta same as your mrs but on a 54 plate around that sort of money, but like Marv says plenty out there just a matter of checking them out.

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It was a 1.6 petrol bud. Nippy enough, nice interior with all the gadgets, ave about 42mpg. They do a 1.4 and 2.0 models also Diesel engine ones. Can't fault it tbh. Only got rid as we needed a bigger car, missus was gutted to see it go.

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Well im glad mrs shreks allright tell you some thing theres lyn and mrs shrek had close shaves i dont like the sound of this just every one be carefull :-/

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