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Probably the same as every other MLR thread.......60 pages long and lots of slagging each other

Great stuff lol

I'll tell Darin that when you you want to enter his sprint series...lol

A trader foooked up an engine built by a very well known engine builder when fitting, not a cheap build 15k worth, blamed it on the build and washed his hands of it.

To cut a long story short Chris got the data logs from his motec which showed bad mapping on the motec, engine had run 8 hours on standard ecu on the dyno.

Tuner still said the engine builder was at fault, not knowing that chris had a roadhawk fitted he had been taking folk joy riding and car used to go to shops etc, after he had reported it had bent valves etc.

Vid shows him racing a r8 and doing silly speeds past schools in a 30 zone.

That vid as been removed but the others are still on there.

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Seems to me that the trader was either trying to close Tim down/ blacken his name or, can only think he maybe was going to claim the engine for himself. Can't get my head around the fact he was driving it around after he reported the engine failure. His map prob caused it but why report it before it happened.? He's proper cooked his chips anyway by the sound of it anyway.

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