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* Ditto the 2-wheel drive comment

* Officially only legal if used for the purposes of recovery i.e. not to be used as a permanent/regular method of towing a vehicle

* No use for a car that has severe damage

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Not 100% sure Ady but i believe any wheeled trailer has to be braked !...this may apply to anything towed over 750kG!!!...i am sure the law isn't vague on this but when you try to find out the legalities it can seem rather complex!

I have a brand new 3.5t towing A frame with lighting kit..they are far superior, fit in the boot of your car and keeps all 4 wheels of the towed car on the ground..safer as well!

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Ha ha ha just covering all angles lol

Brain engagement failed for a brief moment ;-)

Still........at least my stupidity managed to get a few posts for once

Watch this space......more stupidity to follow

Bring on the comments........but please be gentle as I am so delicate!!!!!!!

Yeah keep being stupid Ady. It's very entertaining :welcome:

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Be careful, Jeremy Clarkson got an honorary degree for knowing nothing about mechanical engineering Ady !

bit harsh steve. ady's quite competent.... :)

oh, you meant me..... :thumb:

Edited by scatty
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