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Whoopee I'm myself again!


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I've been away a while as I've been a victim of impersonation fraud (what a polarver!)

It's all sorted now just been abit nervous about logging into places that my old email address was related too.

The cock who hacked my old email address got away with two iPhone 5...

Had to do credit checks, close direct debits etc etc.

But the guy is now fooked as the fraud squad have investigated and can't give me certain details but have been told he has is being prosecuted :thumb:

Would rather let me speak to him for 5 mins and get my own back.

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Yep i agree done my christmas quiz night tonight raised some good cash for charity cant beat it had afew must behave why at work but a

Bring pn a big un lol yes im going large wine is nice wine is good it after a hard days work its a after do must hope your ok after what as happened bye

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hey up big man,

Has gaz tried to impersonate you at the dating agency again...... i thought you told him off for that already!!!

Glad you have got it sorted though.... cant have been nice!!

How did you find out that someone had done what they'd done...... was it a knock on the door by the boys in blue??

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No gurn it was a random call from Vodafone usual bollox " How is your price plan can we make it better lick lick lick" and whilst asking me security questions we came across that certain major info was incorrect?

After a chat with the fraud squad and many many questions a investigation was started, 10 days later I was found innocent and all got sorted...

So in a nut shell I wouldn't of know jack unless they'd pestered me with a phone call as my bill didn't change and as I was told they do this just to get the handsets as there worth so much.

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