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Makes u sick

Scooby 17

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Jacob walking to school today 2 guys in a green mg car point at him n get out of the car n chased him into the school grounds ffs then ran back to the car n speed off think they spotted the schools cctv police have been informed and school head has been just great with him , not sure if they were trying to grab him or poss the guitar he was carrying to school

Police r coming round tonight for a chat , I am spitting bloody feathers would love to get hold of the bastards

Anyway this was at about 8.20am this morning so warn people with kids car could b anywhere by now

Jacob is ok just shaken him up destroyed any confidence he had built up over the last year at that school !

Rant / warning over !

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Oh dear Jase...not what any parent wants to here about.

Where about's in Derbyshire did this happen (what school even).....In the present climate, what with this BBC celebrities scandal and the heightened awareness of the sicko's out there (heaven knows what their real motive was!!)...it would be wise for people in the area to be on the lookout for these people and the car they were in!!!

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Jase is it the pingle school near u as my two lads go there il warn them about it and if need anything let me know know few people round newhall and ill put the word out pm me with any more details on the motor .

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That's shocking Jase. I hope they get caught and get what they deserve. I hope Jacob is ok

I'll keep my eye out round Burton and see if I see a similar car around

Any idea on the type of MG ?

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Just know it was a 4 door mg in green think it was a 75 so quite rare round ere , rob yeah was at pingle so eyes open wide , waiting for the rossers to pay us a vist !

Thanks for the offer ady but the rossers will b sniffing round in morning so I've been told even tho I would love to take the law into my own hands that's how it makes u feel

Jacob seems 2 b ok at the mo thanks for all your words and support hope they find the sods b4 anything worse happens

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I have just waved my 13 year old son off to school this morning, only a 10 minute walk for him and this incident with Jacob went through my mind....

...You can only think of the worse in cases like this but it may just of been some local youths ("havin' a laugh" as they would no doubt say if they were caught!) but it does concern me about a lot of these Eastern block & African 'type' immigrants who are dealing in people trafficking!....God knows what happens to a lot of these children but i just hope the police take it seriously!

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