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wedding anniversary


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i would just like to announce that it was 17 years ago today that tracy married me and my my life complete and i have never looked back since

and in this time she has given me the joy of everday life and four lovely boys and being without her by my side is like is like breathing it isn't an option

i really do love her as much now as i did the first day i met her nearly 20 years ago i know alot of couples say this but i really do mean it she has and allways will be my rock my confidant my soul partner

we have witnessed no end of friends over the years get married then split months or a few years later then marry again and again but we have just got stronger as time goes on and a few years ago i lost my last parent my dad which was very hard as he had just turned 56 which is no age and i only got through those tough times because of tracy being the amazingly stong person that she is not to mention very wise and mature for her age she allways takes time to listen to others problems and will help others the best she can and she will allways be a confidant for anybody that needs it trust me with everyday life as difficult as it is for us with special needs children she just battles on through allways even when i thought i'de lost her when she was on life support machines she just got on with it and beat death hands down i suppose the reason i am posting this is because i want ms members to relise how much tracy means to me but above all i want to share with you guys just how much of a great person she is and that she is/will be a good friend to have on your side when the going is tough but above all she is just a brill ms member and fun to be around


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Well congregations and hope you have a lovely day xxxx love you both loads lady x

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