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last laugh

2nd Lady

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Well been a s**t few weeks needed a laugh well lost grandad on sunday got a phone call from family the will has been read. Yep this and that goin here and there. But for us he left the shed and every thing init well its ramed with complete s**t our grandad funny to the end so here to our grandad lookin down havin the last laugh our grandad absolutely mint i can rember growin up and my grandad would spit on the fire and let us watch it sizzle he was a proper miner mamma would all ways do us tea and biskets out her silver barrel funny little thing you remember and she worea wig it fell of once she was as bold as nuet lol childhood days thay were so easy i like to look back at things and talk for hours dont know whyjust thought id share that with yeh mind you lookin forward to the p**s up grandad liked a good drink would be rude not to have one for him lol so heres to our GRANDAD xx g

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im the same as you,lately i have been thinking about old memories etc and i have even started collecting stuff from my childhood so when im older i never forget what i had or did,my grandad passed away 7 years ago and i never got to say thankyou to him for all the things he did for me and i never got to say goodbye either which is something i will never get over

R.I.P grandads........................

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sorry to here ure sad news hun i lost my grandad at 11 and lost me grandma a few years ago at least she managed to c jack before she went but shame they both missed out on dominic gone but never forgotten rip our brothers and sisters which have gone before us xx

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