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Freak Accident......word of warning


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I will make a very long 3 day story as short as possible:

Me and Bobs were in Spain last week and made friends with a great couple Sally and Alan

Last Tuesday we all went to the beach. Alan got out the kids toys for his 2 year old boy. He booted the football up in the air for his boy but sadly it went straight up in the air and then straight down.

The problem was the lightweight plastic ball came straight down on his 9 week old daughters head!!!!!!

Baby cried but was soon ok and as normal.......we were with them all day Tuesday and then on the Wednesday with no problem with Lily the baby.

2 in the morning on the Thursday baby was crying with pain and mum found bruising on Lily's head......she had a fractured skull and a bleed on the brain :-(

Keeping it short.......our holiday that was going so well ended up all Thursday in and out of hospital

Then the police took the parents away leaving the little boy to be cared for by us!!!

All Friday was in and out of police station giving witness statements and then all Saturday was spent in court!!!!!

The judge decided this case was too 'medical' for him so a new hearing has been arranged for next Wednesday

That's 13 nights locked up for the parents without access to the children.......all for a regrettable freak accident :-(((((

The parents of Sally have flown to Spain to look after the little boy and to assist with legal issues

What a farce.........believe me there is more I could write but the war and peace above is just the tip of the iceberg.

Word of warning.........never travel abroad without having contact details for the embassies, consulates and legal assistance. Lesson learnt buy us that's for sure.

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That's horrible. What are those Spaniards thinking? How is locking up the parents good for anyone? All they can to do was prevent them from flying if they wanted to investigate further.

Never heard such a farse. Keep us updated mate.

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Jesus f ing christ.Ady . That is terrible . The parents are going through hell.for a pure silly.accident . I hope every thing is sorted sooner rarther than later. And top respect to u and bobbsy for sorting things as best as could possibly could !

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Bloody Nora, surely a bit of common sense can see this is an accident!surely your statements etc must verify this.

That really is a freak accident.

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Guilty until proved innocent is the current order of the day!!!...certainly for your average family man (an easy target!!)........and yet we are constantly in disbelief and all the wrong do'ers in the world today who get away with so much!!!......

...took years to get rid of Abu Hamza and they waited until Mr Saville was dead before finally admitting he was a sick depraved insect !!!

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Ady thats really awful but unfortunately all to common.

I probably have to look at 30 possible non accidental injury child cases a year.

Most can be put down to a tragic incident, unfortunately too many are down to deliberate actions of carers/parents.

You can imagine we have to treat each one seriously to make sure the deliberate ones don't slip through the net.

I pray your friends child makes a full recovery and everything is as back to normal as quickly as possible.

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Yeah John I totally understand there initial caution.....and pleased the authorities are

But then to lock up parents for 2 weeks after a valid explanation has been given!!!!!!

And even worse to neglect the fact a young boy of 2 was left without his parents with people that had only met a few days ago on holiday is unforgivable

Fortunately we are not as disgusting as some of the bad people out there as you must get to see plenty of :-(

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Baby still having bleeds removed.......may need none dangerous operation

Mum and dad released from prison Wednesday

Not allowed within 200 metres of baby

Passports removed and mum has to sign in every 14 days......dad every 7 days

Final court date not set..........could be 6 months and not allowed to leave country beforehand!!!!!!!

You could not write it

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Reading that then Ady I take it the parents are still in spain ? And it.could take 6 months.. So there not earning money. There mortgage in england will need paying . There employers might have to let there jobs go etc etc. I understand the police investigating. Rightly so. But to continue down this avenue I find quite hard to follow. When statements have been given etc etc . Feel sorry for them.

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