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Can you beat this for a weekend?


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Beginning to think my life was getting a bit dull and boring, until 2 weeks ago I heard on the radio they were auditioning for a new dating show on channel 4, hosted by Gok Wan.

As a complete laugh me and colleagues at work thought it would be funny if I phoned up to see if I could get an audition.

Well, astonishingly they wanted me to come in for a propper audition, and to my astonishment (probably for the worse) they wanted me to appear on the show and in the space of 10 days I went from a phone call to audition to private filming to travelling to Manchester over the weekend to meet Gok and film the show.

Got a random call at 11:30pm on Friday to say be in Manchester for 10am!

It's a complete p**s take of a show, but was a massive high and such a laugh. Still can't believe it's happened to me. Such a blur and surreal experience.

So cut a long story short, it's called Baggage, and yes it's designed to humiliate the contestants. (No wonder i got on with my looks and habbits) but was an amazing experience being in front of the camera. Still coming down to earth and processing it all.

Surprise Surprise, the girl didn't pick me so I didn't get to go on holiday with her hah hah but starts airing at the end of September and I'm the 4th show in, so if you want to have an absolute laugh and throw some insults at me, tune into the show!

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well me and tracy watch anything to do with owd' gok anyways as we think he's brill and a laugh so no doubt we will see you and record the show hehehe

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Really? Channel 4 have just phoned. Obviously they've put the best shows first to get in the viewers... I'm now the second show 28th Spet, just in time for my birthday :thumb:

Got no idea what they mean about 'best shows'... I must be a right freak!

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