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this could be bad news............


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cant see it ever happening. insurance companies and the like make far too much pennies from modded cars....

same thing when they were talking about noise with mot's. never really came into force...

i admit it is a worry, but there are always ways to get around things. most of us do at the minute...

at least we will be ok mr gurn.....

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most european countries hate modded cars , all the driving i have done abroad , off and on for the last 13 years , i hardly see any , germany hates them , and the mot is very very hard , france and spain aint much better tbh 2007 2008 2009 i spent more time in france holland and germany and i saw about 4 scoobs , hardly any other modded cars either , this country is soo pc (eu this that and the other) it wouldnt surprise me if changes came in !! wthey want us all driving eco cars , with big batterys in them , take the pee i think

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As far as I'm concerned it's a stupid unenforceable rule. Even fitting after market performance brake pads is a modification, such as EBC's yellow etc. (hardly a standard part). It's like saying you can only ever buy the same tyres for a car that it was manufactured and supplied with. Daft!

If it really did come into force it would kill alot of companies.

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good point stealth , and very very valid !! but hey this is england , land of the silly rules and regulations , i heard of a woman from greece who came to england , and has had 70 grand of cosmetic surgery on the nhs , to become a man , she had a plastic penis stiched in to her ???? seriously this is no joke , as the woman thought she was a man it was affecting her mental health . and back in greece she was being victomised for dressing like a bloke , this was a report on talk sport , i couldnt believe it . when auntie dora from worksop waits 20 months for a hip operation !!!! this country is mad mad mad !!!!

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