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2nd Lady

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Theres a tavan i n the town in the town werevonnie wears the carlie brow carlie brown why mayi thank you sir and have a safe jorney home my distaste ever was tothe larch farm funny asf**k well who knows but 2 weeks to day we will be on iow love the island were going sailing we are sailing we are sailing funybeen along weekwith all them not mu x h tere work that bonkers

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Ohoh oboh relx i just love himyes chris brown to night im the pray your th3 Hunterohohoh o hooh hope your ready togo all night im just going for a nother vodka andthen you can tell me all a bout it whooo lets all do the conger lets all do the conger last night i joined the classy ladys clubof nttingham. Thay wereright nice a little posh but i sone lowerd the standard we meet at the ice rink and not onelessboo in site itwas a good night i love music tis is love this is love walk the street this is love this is love can you feel it watchit explod can you feel the love 2bd lady

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Oh dear what was i on about i went to a garden event yesterday and brought some home made wine god strong stuf i cant remember drinking what i drunk lol watch this space ive got 2 more bottles left

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