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2nd Lady

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Is anyone out there come in the birthday wine is pouring still 14 bottles left done my summer fate to day raised a happy lot of cash for my residants i dont wish to see a nother fancy cake or any tombola and as for brick a brac youcan send that straight down the chairty shop some one gave in some strange item god laugh a minute what we did with that is no ones guess yes good day all round

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Here idont knowif im still a little merry from last night but your spelling looks a bout as crap as mine but not to worry im little lost for some thing to do to day or should i say i can't be bothered ive just set up my hamock the sun is shining a treat here and im going to continue were i left of last night naughty really but what the hell um got a nice posh bottle of wine its got some fancy gold thingy round its 13% so it as my atention any way l m going for a swing bec yes i am THE OLDEST SWINGER IN TOWN

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