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You best set off now then. Seems that rural speed limits are to be cut to 40 mph and inner city 30 mph to 20 mph. Love this f**keed up country and government policies.

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how the hell is that going to help ??? i understand around schools old folks homes etc etc , yes .

but rural to be cut to 40 lol pmsl. , we will all be driving like miss daisy from now on !!!!

what they gonna do drop motor way to 60 an all ??????

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Some rural roads have already been dropped to 50 round here

I noticed recently that the backroad up to Scoobyclinic had been dropped to 50 as well recently (around Oakathorpe)


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We don't stick to limits now so unless they wack up loads more cameras I can't see more bobbies being on the roads.....

Bloody madness..... Agree round schools and the likes but not in the deepest depths of nowhere....

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