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As usual I was messing around trying to waste a little time earlier today, and came across the Road Angel app for the iPhone.

I thought to myself: ooh, this will be good and keep me safe from those dangerous bends they put those cameras on for safety reasons only (of course I aint going to be speeding, that would be so naughty of me!), so I downloaded it and updated it.

Has anyone else found this and used it? You get five or six days as a trial and then you pay just under twenty quid for the year. As opposed to the device at a hundred plus, I think this is quite a bargain.

The only problem was that it didn't seem to be able to keep up. Is it like that with the proper road angels? Because I was seaside town driving, my speed was never at a constant (although I did notice there was a nice 54 plate blue WRX following me), I will have to take it out on a run where it is going to be more steady.

Anyone else used this??

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sorry never. had the ap.. had a road angel worked fine. but maybe the phone ap is a lot slower? ??? dont know anyone with the ap. but gonna down load it myself to have a gander. well its free so why not! !!!!

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