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chicken curry soup

gwr northants

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made one.tonight. with fresh french stick. was the bollox. hmmm fancy another bowl now. really really nice paprika chilli powder. cumerin. salt pepper. and some.other herbs that. i cant speeeeeel lol. lovely though. load a fresh chicken. carrots and errrr other s**t lol.e tasty thouh

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oh look double post lol bombay bad boy soup. also.had in it. corriander paprika and a sweaty asian.s sock lol. hmmm bad boy flavour. lol. oh also a spoon of marmite and chicken.stock

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Well ive just had chicken again but nothing to hot or smelly one likes to be fresh for work just brought a load more on offer from Tesco so looks like im having it all week probably bring some on sunday mind you by then i f a open my mouth there mite be a whole cock in it lol cockadoogledo

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