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lock up your sons

2nd Lady

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Yeh thats right lock up your sons and keep a eye on your dads me and our lucy off on a girly weekend to LIVERPOOL calm down calm down lol cant wait shopping till were dropping get that wine on ice liverpool here we come

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lol go on darling. just near train station is pub called auntie ruths. go in there u will get 2 grand of knock off hand bags cloths etc for 300 quid. top place for gear. stay away from seaforth dock road. loads a night life but red light area lol pmsl. bootle great night out. and if in town try fiddlers.pub live music great laughs and just round the corner from the cavern club. if going in there get pissed before hand as its foooking exspensive

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We dont go till 20th staying in the Adelphi right next to Irish bars yep thet should start the night of a treat and fiddlers is a must i agree and as for ann summers i find there underwear very nice but the way i intend to chuck my self about on them dance floors all night long so i think all them frills and and string knickers mite rub and chaf crack of my arse been there done that it f**king stings for days lol lol

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Nowt wrong with dock road Gaz, spent many a good night along there.

Think nearly all the puds are closed now tho.

The good old days....lol

lol go on nick like wise mate and yeah a lot have shut down now. you have the one outside the port entrance. that is one hell hole. ex truck driver took it on and remeber the norse man lol. right hell hole and some right rough brassers in there fella

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