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richard compo! !! ?????

gwr northants

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is richard 555 the fastest oap in britain. ??????? . he drives regular a 750 gsxr suzuki capable of 170 mph and a real nice scoob say 145 150? ?? come on folks big hand for richard he.s one in a million!!!!! top bloke too. and still works. (money grabbing sod lol ) but hats off to the fastest oap in britain! !!!

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I want to be Richard one day lol!!

quote lol top man ady me too fella real good laugh , i wanna be richard at his age as he,s a cracking laugh !!!!

but alas yes always an alas , he,s a s**t post man lol """""" come,s round on his foooking push bike lol fooook knows were his cat is !!! i think he,s buthchered it in the bushes and sold it to the split links lol

hmmmm 1 cat = set of rear sets for a gsxr 750 lol dodgy sod !!!! :realmad: hmmm tasty !!!!

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but he doesnt do bad for an old un....they say the old uns are the best....

reckon you should come on the bike to a meet richard....

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cheers gaz you see a lot of old gits on bikes but sit up and beg type and as people say you are only as old as you feel . and as you know iam young for my age , will pop down on the bike one day but which one the gixxer or the kawa

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