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thieving b******ds


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last night some nob head nicked are knomes snowwhite and one of the dwarfs ( which are the grandkids allways help me to paint them ) and all the mushrooms found one of them smashed on the road , and allso my mates who lives across the road, stone windmill and its heavy , whats up with the people of today why nick something and smash it , hope i found out who done it iam s**t hot with a bit of 3 by 2

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I swear this country should bring back capital punishment! This kind of stuff wouldn't happen in Dubai or the lIkes. Well if it did you would get your hand chopped off!!!!

Cheap CCTV Richard?????

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bring back.stoning. stocks in town centre. then brick the fookers to death. then we can chop them up and sell them in bits to the local chiniese resturants. !!! go well with egg fried rice and sweet and sour sauce! !!

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