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What a strange week!?


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Firstly someone at work is sacked for gross misconduct, starting a second business and selling to himself.

Next thing half the company has gone into liquidation and Ive been made redundant!

Fingers crossed my contract will be reinstated at the secondary company and I might even see a bit of redundancy pay but I wont know till Monday :)

Was a horrible atmosphere at work knowing half your co-workers are down the road on Monday.

Consequently Its time to start making some contingency plans and sell the P1, if you know anyone after a Sales Manager in Manufacturing or an immaculate P1 let me know!

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Sorry to hear this and I hope monday brings some better news on the job front, with regard to the car I'd seriously consider doing what I did (in similar circumstances) and take it of the road that way it won't cost you anything and in the current climate cars like ours are fetching a fraction of their true worth especially such a cracking example as yours remember things will pick up.

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Hendo, car is currently sat at DC Autos for sale but he is asking too much money for it.

Andy, I did that last year, had her five years now so its time to be real and have a bit of back up so i can make plans for the future.

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