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Morning ive been awake for hour with my over active thighroyed im of shopping to day with my lucy im in a pound shop mood fancy byeing a load of crap were gong for posh coffee and blueberry muffins im going to cook my self a nice big juicy beef piece now this middle age woman carry on is crazy um mite have aglass of wine with it ha ha. No only joking ill save the wine till later got to go im starving bye

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Been to lakelands lovely shop lots of baking goodies not thati brought any getting my cakes from tesco he pound shops were full of crap brought lots of that i got some garden knomes lm doing a in door herb garden on monday at work thaylook really odd one looks like its been on speed for a week . We were then followed by a nutter but thats about my luck these days . Just poured my self a nice glass of wine music on thanks for Saturdays makes going to work all week worth it what you doing any thing good

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