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Finally got my 11sec 1/4mile!

Karl B

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Well after years of wanting to run an 11 ive finally made it!

Only thing is it wasnt in my scooby, it was in my recently finished drag-kart.

Now that ive hit the 11's the only thing to do is get my 10...... the launch controller will be fitted soon and some better rubber will hopefully get me a little closer!

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until i started doing a few drag strip runs , about 8 year ago , i didnt realise how hard it was to get down to them figures , people watch all the crap films (yeah 9.5 lol pmsl ) u need to be running serious horses to get down to 11 let alone 10 ,

so fair play bet ya well happy , and as said whats the spec ??? that looks like a cbr lump ???? but rockers dont look right ?????

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yeh gwr its a cbr1000f

hendo i need all the down force i can get, will spin up in every gear!

Gurn theres no way the scooby can compete with the kart for adrenaline its insane trust me...... im even actually thinking of breaking the scooby down!

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Congrats think I saw this a fair few months ago down the pod if it's the same 1 think it had gsxr 1100 in it (turbo?)

Bet it's scary that close to the floor !.

What was the top speed ?

my fastest over the line is 113mph but my mates got one the same and up bruntingthorpe he got speed gunned at 175mph at 8000rpm with another gear to go!

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