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what floats ya boat !!!!

gwr northants

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apart from scoobs scoobs scoobs lol

what u into ?????

im wanting to get back into flying ?????

as in off to button moon follow mr spoon lol

what hobies do ya have outside of ya car ???

(and no flashing oap.s outside tesco,s aint wot im after )

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ive done a few free fall parachute jumps , well ok 14 , love to do a high alltitude jump , but aint got the jumps , under me belt !!!! , and money tbh , but there great , such a wicked feeling !!!!! sucha buzz bit like snorting tango lemonade proper brain freeze lol

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ive got a false hip and knee cap lynne and pinns in my leg from my hip to my ankle so cant really do em as the big bong bounce dont go to well tbh will do another jump any day day would love to do a free fall tamdem jump with paula pmsl lol no f ing chance she would kill me first !!!!

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i would pay to do a high alltitude jump , my dad done over 1500 jumps in his day , and a lot of high jumps would love to better his highest jump ,

cant see it happening but we can but try !!!

bit like you seeing over the dash !!!

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I've always wanted too sky dive...

I've bungie jumped, bungie cannoned don't care would try anything :thumb:

And yes the bungie held my weight and didn't snap before any of you lot say it :goodjob:

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